Rehab at Home

RespondWell is a digital health company empowering physicians and therapists to engage patients anywhere through telerehabilitation.Their mission is to be the leading provider of high quality telehealth solutions for rehabilitation and prevention that produce better outcomes and reduce the cost of care.

Patient Activation & Engagement
Pick your music, your digital instructor, and immersive, 3D environment level. Then its time to get moving! We use a unique scoring system that is entertaining and challenging. Earn points for proper execution of exercises. Try to beat previous scores for new personal bests. Leaderboards can be activated for groups.

Patient Education
Our on-screen digital instructors show you exactly what to do. They’ll even politely correct your technique. Over time you’ll learn the proper form and technique for each exercise assigned to you by your physician or therapist. Follow your progress as you continue through your personalized program.

Working with your physician or therapist, you can access your exercise routines through any browser or through a home-use system delivered by one of our partners.

To find out more on how RespondWell and Grand Rapids Orthopedics can help you recover quickly from the comfort of your own home, please contact us today for an appointment by clicking here >>

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