Knee Replacement Surgery Recovery Time


Patients of Grand Rapids Orthopedics often inquire regarding recovery from knee replacement. There are various types of knee replacements depending on what your specific pain and movement challenges.

Total knee replacement, which resurfaces all of the arthritic areas in the knee, remains an inpatient procedure at the hospital. Generally patients spend 1 to 2 days overnight at the hospital and have therapy arranged either at a formal therapy venue or their home following the procedure.

A newer knee replacement technology which we’ve seen extremely good results with is outpatient knee replacement. This knee replacement surgery is one specifically for people who have arthritis in one focal part of their joint, usually isolated to the medial or inside compartment of the knee. This is the most common spot for arthritis and many people are a candidate for this type of knee replacement surgery.

If you have this procedure, it’s now performed on an outpatient basis. Grand Rapids Orthopedics has piloted a program in where you come in and return home the very same day of the procedure. You are provided a brace and a therapist meets you at your home to help with in-home therapy, so you can recover in the convenience of your own home.

Patients generally follow up with us at 2 weeks without any adjudicative aides, as they generally don’t need crutches or a walker. With this type of surgery, the majority recover quite well in their overall knee replacement.

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