ACL Surgery Recovery Time


Many people inquire with Grand Rapids Orthopedics regarding ACL surgery recovery. The good news is, things have changed dramatically to benefit the patient.

In the past, ACL reconstruction surgery was an involved procedure that required a large open incision (or ‘arthrotomy’) requiring spending a day or 2 in the hospital, as it was quite painful.

Grand Rapids Orthopedics has now converted to performing these procedures completely arthroscopically through small limited incisions approximately one centimeter in size. We can also incorporate donor tissue, which allows a much quicker and less painful recovery. The overall procedure is now outpatient, which means that you can go home the very same day.

The actual ACL reconstruction surgery procedure itself generally takes less than an hour. You’re given crutches and usually, at least initially, a brace. The crutches you can discontinue as soon as you’re comfortable, as most people do within a day or two.

At times, depending on the procedure, we may use the brace simply as an insurance policy for 4 to 6 weeks, preventing hyper extension. Bending or flexing is allowed as much as is desired by you and range of motion exercises can be begun immediately (the brace is not required for these).

Don’t wait: If you are in pain or in need of ACL surgery but have concerns about recovery, regaining your range of movement or even insurance coverage, please contact Grand Rapids Orthopedics today by clicking here >>

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