Recovery Times


ACL Surgery Recovery Time

In the past, ACL reconstruction was a procedure that required a large open incision or arthrotomy and several days in the hospital, as it was quite painful. We’ve now converted to performing these procedures completely arthroscopically through little limited incisions a centimeter in size. Learn More >>

Carpal Tunnel Surgery Recovery Time

There are various ways to perform Carpal Tunnel surgery, but nowadays all are much more limited than they used to be with regards to the size of the incision, making the recovery dramatically quicker. Carpal Tunnel surgery can now be performed as an outpatient procedure so you can come and go home the same day. Learn more >>

Knee Replacement Recovery Time

There are various types of knee replacements. Total knee replacement, which resurfaces all of the arthritic areas in the knee, remains an inpatient procedure at a hospital. Patients generally spend 1 to 2 days overnight in the hospital and have therapy arranged either at a formal therapy venue or their home following the procedure. Learn More >>

Rotator Cuff Shoulder Surgery Recovery Time

Many patients inquire regarding new and innovative procedures that may be performed in regards to shoulder surgery with one of the more common points of discussion being shoulder replacement. Many individuals have had a rotator cuff tear and at times, unfortunately, there are tears that are irreparable or cannot be repaired. As part of the process of having had previous surgeries or wear and tear over the years, some people developed advanced arthritis. Learn More >>

Don’t wait: If you are in pain or in need of ACL surgery but have concerns about recovery, regaining your range of movement or even insurance coverage, please contact Grand Rapids Orthopedics today by clicking here >>

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