Rotator Cuff Repair

Bill Towers

I would like to take this opportunity to express not only my sincere gratitude to you for your skill as a surgeon, but also for your dedication to developing innovative and effective techniques for performing needed surgical procedures.

After injuring my right shoulder, I was referred to your office by Dr. Nasir Khan, my family physician, for an evaluation of this injury. This is the second time Dr. Khan has referred me to your office. You performed a rotator cuff repair of the shoulder which involved repair of a tear in the tendon and the removal of a lot of arthritis.( July 2004 )That surgery was accomplished using what I suspect was the traditional procedure at the time ( open rotator cuff repair ).

The surgery was successful and although I experienced a lot of discomfort (that’s Dr. talk for excruciating pain for several weeks and a lot of therapy ) the result was very good. I have since returned to my normal activities and hobbies including riding a motorcycle to Alaska, the Blue Ridge Mountains, and the length of the Mississippi River. I have had no problems with that shoulder since.

I was less than enthusiastic about the prospects of going through another shoulder surgery but when you indicated that you were going to use a different technique to perform the needed repairs, I was a little less apprehensive. I had no idea how pleased I would be with this new type of surgery (ALL ARTHROSCOPIC) rotator cuff repair.

Although as you have since indicated the condition of the shoulder was much worse than one might have expected, the resulting post operative pain and inconvenience has been minimal. There was little pain involved for the first 48 hours due to keeping the surgical area cooled with ice cold compresses. For the first 48 hours there was very minimal swelling. It was not necessary to take anything stronger than Advil for discomfort after the fourth day. Within ten days I was able to return to sleeping in my bed instead of a chair and I was able to sleep for five or six hours at a time after ten days.

It is now three weeks since surgery and I find that I am probably feeling too good since the prospect of spending another three weeks in a sling has me a little on edge. I will do my best to resist the temptation and will take it easy for three more weeks.

Thank you again for your efforts to learn and develop new skills, procedures and techniques to improve the post operative recovery experience of your patients.

Bill Towers

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