Bill Towers: Rotator Cuff

After injuring his right shoulder, Bill was referred to our office by his family physician. He was less than enthusiastic about the prospect of going through shoulder surgery but when we discussed using a different less invasive technique to perform the needed repairs, Bill was less apprehensive. Read Bill’s Story >>


Ken Fulmer: Knee Replacement

Ken Fulmer first injured his knee playing high school football. As an adult, he had several surgeries to remove cartilage but kept bowling, playing softball, and breeding Appaloosa horses.  Ken kept doing everything but couldn’t do it nearly as well – as he experienced pain 24 hours a day. Ken wondered if a total knee replacement would improve his life and that’s when he approached us. Read Ken’s Story >>


Hilda: ACL Reconstruction (Video)

Hilda injured the ACL in both knees playing soccer. Utilizing minimally invasive arthroscopic surgery, her injuries were repaired successfully and her recovery time will be much shorter than with traditional surgical methods. Watch Hilda’s Video >>


Barb: Shoulder Replacement Surgery (Video)

Barb had terrible arthritis in her shoulder as a result of an injury. Fearing the worst, she went to see Dr. Vasiu. After a total shoulder replacement, she experienced no pain and is looking forward to playing golf again in a few months. Watch Barb’s Video >>


Rob: Achilles & Shoulder Replacement Surgery (Video)

Rob injured his knee playing basketball and soon thereafter injured his shoulder. Both times, Grand Rapids Orthopedics helped him regain his mobility with minimally intrusive surgery and recovery time. Watch Rob’s Video >>


Chris: ACL Repair & Fast Recovery (Video)

Chris injured his knee playing basketball and being a teacher could not afford to be out of the classroom for long. Grand Rapids Orthopedics helped him regain his mobility with minimally invasive surgery and recovery time. Watch Chris’ Video >>

More Customer Testimonials

Dr. Vasiu,

Sorry for the delay in this. The last few weeks have been busy, but just wanted to let you and Suzanne know how much I appreciate all your help with Jake’s knee and back issues. Dr. Chu at the pain clinic, because of your persistence, did get jake in quickly and gave him the shot in his back. Because of this, jake played pain free the last few weeks of his season and for that I am forever grateful. The season ended not how we wanted and jake didn’t have the year he intended, but he was able to play and contribute and that’s what he wanted most!

Some sports Dr.’s say they are sports Dr.’S but they have no compassion or understanding for how teenagers are feeling and what their concerns are. You immediately knew our concerns and validated them. I think it was as tough on my husband and I as it was Jake. Thank you for that empathy. So happy we switched gears quickly and called your office.

Dr Chu thinks he may have a herniated disc and we will likely get MRI at some point to confirm. Gonna let Jake rest and see if it gets better first on its own. He is getting another shot in a couple weeks as the pain is slowly starting to return. If you think he would be better to follow up with you for possible surgery on this please let me know. I wasn’t sure if this was your surgical area?

Again, thank you!! Please let Suzanne know as well. She is an amazing nurse!

Leigh, Mike and Jake Holtz

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